Music – The Universal Language



You know, there are a lot of people using music in their posts, sharing the music they like or love and quoting lyrics from music.

Music is the universal language everyone loves and gets something from.

Music is a part of me.  I have been in the choir at church, had voice lessons, started in college as a music major (changing over to a different major because I didn’t want to do opera nor teach), was in an acapella group, recorded my own CD and have been in two cover bands and a praise band.  My love is singing, if you didn’t guess from the remark about voice lessons or opera.  I was given a gift that I love using and want to use more of.  There is a want in me to make people feel the music and the meaning of the song I sing.

Enjoying most genres of music (country, pop, rock, soft rock, jazz, instrumental, from the 60s on up to the current time), I will listen to different ones each day, or for a few days and then switch it up to something else the next.  Or I will have a mixture of all types to listen to within a given time period.  Loving the oldies and up to the fresh new sounds.  There are so many wonderful kinds of music and I find new ones I haven’t heard yet all the time.

There are songs I will listen to when I am angry to calm me down or let all the anger out with.  Then there are those I listen to that will make me happy when I am sad.  Of course, there are those that will make you cry and those that will make you feel strong, just by listening to them and feeling the music and the words.  It’s amazing what the right song and music can do.

Enjoying a song in another language is great too!  Like one you have always heard in English and then you hear it in Spanish or French.  Amazing!

The love of music can bring groups or individuals together that are strangers. Once the music starts it is like you have this connection that you share, this understanding of the same thing.  And for that space in time you share this energy that races through the masses.

Here are a few songs I like and want to share with you. I hope you enjoy!







Okay, so I went a bit crazy.  And I am just getting started! 😉

Belle xo

30DaysofSong, song

30 Day Song Challenge – Day 30

img_20181115_2145242402900402207572387Well, there are a couple of songs that I have felt were written just for me, at the time of hearing it and what I was going through.  I may have shared these previously, so forgive me for the repeat.



There are others that have made me think of things I am going through, etc, during this time but those two are the ones I found that definitely were me.

Thanks to all who ended up playing along. That was a lot of fun and loving music made it that much more fun!! 🙂

Enjoy ❤

Belle xo

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30 Day Song Challenge – Day 26 – Song That Makes You Fall In Love


Is there such a thing as  a song that can make you fall in love??? Maybe one that makes you think of falling in love or make you remember when falling in love…




Those are just a few I think of when I think of songs of love and doesn’t make me fall in love but gives me that memory of feeling it again.

Enjoy! ❤

Belle xo