People Pleasing


*Picture from Pixabay


“People pleasing, otherwise known as Fawning, can be a result of trauma.”

I read recently a post regarding this very thing from a person named Sam Dylan Finch.  His blog is called Let’s Queer Things Up.

He says: “Most people know about fight, flight, and freeze — but another trauma response, “fawn,” is at the core of what people-pleasing is actually about.”

“To avoid conflict, negative emotions, and re-traumatization, people who “fawn” when triggered will go out of their way to mirror someone’s opinions and appease them in order to deescalate situations or potential issues.”

It is my understanding (in my perception of his take on this) that he basically says that in order to feel safe and loved a person will go out of their way to please those around them they have an emotional bond to, even if it takes away that person’s boundaries and morals.

To read more on this subject and the information he shares, go here to learn more.

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