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One Thing I Would Like To Do


Sitting here at work, reading some blog posts and trying to decide what to write about next and post, I am realizing how numb at times I seem to be.  Like I am just watching the world go by and not even phased by it.  I know this is not true because there are so many times I feel I want and need to make a difference.  It is just finding that thing that would make a difference to somebody or a whole lot of somebodies!

I have things I want to do, places I want to see and people I want to meet.  I want to share these experiences.

I also want to dive into my creative side more. To do paintings, drawings, singing, writing….so many things!

But I also want to understand me some more.  Why I am dealing with the issues I have been dealing with, what makes them worse, how to make things better and be able to share these as well.

I go to counseling and read information and research to help myself.  By doing these things, I realize, if there is definitely one thing I would like to do, it is to let others that may not have to ability to do this, for one reason or another, to see that they are not alone and there are ways to take care of you and make things better.

If I could combine all these things in together to do this thing I want to do, how awesome would that be?!?


Belle xo

*Beautiful Picture above is from Pinterest