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This past Tuesday, June 16, was my birthday.  I used to make a big deal about birthdays and made sure my boys had a cake, gifts and we celebrated in style with a great dinner too.  But as they got older, and I was not celebrated as much as I celebrated others, I started thinking it wasn’t a big deal and so made less and less of a celebration of other’s birthdays.  I didn’t stop, I just didn’t make it as big a deal.  I still made sure they had a cake, gift, etc., but I just didn’t go all out as I did before, especially as the boys got older, did things with their friends, and then went on to college.

I still never forget a birthday of my friends and/or family and always make sure I tell them happy birthday.  I make sure my boys get birthday cards with at least a gift card or money so they can get what they want or have a dinner on me, and I try to call to talk to them on their special day.  Unfortunately, even then I sometimes don’t get to talk to them nor get a callback.  But, now that they are married and busy, I kind of understand.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I like it, but I do understand now that they have jobs, and a life separate from mine, their mom is no longer number one anymore.  Sad, but true. That is how it should be though. As long as they don’t forget about me. 😉

To top things off, with the dreaded COVID-19 putting stress on the world, having to be in quarantine, and being worried about things opening up and how to deal with the changes, well, that just added to it.  Granted, I did get lots of messages from friends and family telling me happy birthday, I was able to have lunch with my parents and had dinner with my friends across the street from me, but it just did not feel the same as it has been before.  I wasn’t at the store I manage for my parents, so no talking to people.  I didn’t have the one I love beside me to enjoy time with.  I was on my own for most of the day and evening.  I felt off the whole day and then had an emotionally charged day the next day.  Hate those days!!

I also had to remind myself that others are going through things right now too and may not be dealing well with all the changes.  They also may feel so cut off from others, they do not think of those special events or things that they normally remember because they are affected by other things happening, or not happening, in their lives.

My point is, I had a lot of thoughts and feelings in the last two days, and I want you all to know something.  I want each of you reading this to know, you do matter! Make sure that you are celebrated and have a great day on YOUR special day.  Even if it is you that celebrates you on your own. Make sure you take care of you and have fun! Yes, you want to make sure others know they are special and you remember them, but also make sure you are remembered too.  You were put on this earth for a reason.  We all were. You are worth the time and effort to be celebrated! Just know this and don’t ever think otherwise!

These are weird times we are in right now.  This too will be behind us soon and there will be better days to come.  Find something to enjoy.  Something that makes you smile.  Be silly, dance like no one is watching, laugh out loud as much as you can, love those around you, and make sure the ones you love know it.  (You really can never say it too much!)

If you ever need someone to talk to or just want to say Hi, please don’t hesitate to leave me a message.  I will respond.

I love you all!

Belle xo

(*These are thoughts and things I deal with.  Your situation and life, of course, is different, as we all are. Doesn’t make a difference if worse or better, we all matter.*)

4 thoughts on “You Do Matter”

  1. Great post, Belle. My wife and I live in Texas, but all of our kids live in the La area. Grandkids are scattered between CA and WA states. Haven’t seen any of them in several years. We are retired and on a tight budget which doesn’t include a lot of travel. But we do stay in touch via text messages, phone calls and skype. My son sent me a fathers day text yesterday and a gift in the mail. Not the best of worlds as we’ve missed a lot of their gtowing up. We moved here to follow my work and lost a lot of family experiences. But, my wife and I have each other and try to make things special when ever possible.

    I’m the last in my family – parents and two younger brothers are gone. Totally agree with saying ” I love you” as often as possible. Life is really short.

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    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for sharing your story! That has to be hard being the last of the family other than your kids and grand kids. And to not see them for so long has to be the hardest. You and your wife are definitely blessed to have each other!
      I am having a harder time than I thought I would. Going through some counseling in the past few years has helped but I still fall down the rabbit hole of awful thoughts every now and then.
      I was close to my boys before they went off to college. We are only 2 1/2 hours apart drive time but it feels worlds apart when you can’t go see them nor they come to you, as you know.
      Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


  2. We should always keep in mind that better days will follow, even if we are in the darkest of times. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the light, but we have to remind us it’s there, behind the darkness. It sounds like despite these strange times, you have made the best of your birthday, my friend. Happy belated birthday, and next year I will send that message ON your birthday, and not 3 days later!
    ~ Marie xox

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    1. I try to make the best of things always. Even if things get me down for a bit, I always turn it around and look for the good in everything and everyone.
      You are so sweet and no worries!! I still love you my wonderful friend 😉 xoxo


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