What is your favorite?



When it comes to guilty pleasures, what is yours? Do you like Coffee, wine, and/or chocolate?  I sure do! All three!! What else do you enjoy?

Have you found things you like during this time of staying home (during the Coronavirus pandemic) that you didn’t like before or hadn’t thought you would like?

I normally eat really good and only splurge every now and then on things that are yummy but not really good for me and a healthy body.  But, during this time at home, I have been baking sweets and bread that I normally would not.  So, in doing so I have done a little overindulging. Ha! Once I realized I was doing this, I started giving the things I was cooking to friends and family.  😉

I have also made things that are not bad for me, like soups.  So, not all weight gaining foods. Thank goodness!

I realize I need to make a conscious effort to start eating better again, which I am beginning to do now.  I will continue to keep myself busy.  I will bake some things but I know not to overdo, and if it is too much for me, I will freeze for another time to enjoy in smaller portions.

So what are things you have indulged in during this time and what do you like? What are you doing to keep yourself busy?

Continue to stay healthy, safe and happy!

Belle xo


2 thoughts on “What is your favorite?”

  1. I too want to get back to a healthy way of eating, because I have actually started eating at irregular times, and I started drinking coffee with lots of milk. The caffeine caused headaches, so now I am on decaf, but still the milk… I just tell myself its good for my bones 😉
    I haven’t started baking… yet…
    ~ Marie xox

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    1. Oh yes, have to have my coffee! And always have to have a tiny bit of sugar and cream.
      Of course milk is good for your bones!! Ha!
      I am trying to stop baking, although I did just bake some more banana bread 🙂
      I am starting to do better now. I guess I am realizing even more how important it is to be healthy AND happy again. 😉


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