What Are Your Top 5 Interests



So, as I sit here in the solitude that is my life right now, along with everyone out there, I am pondering on content and what others might want to see and are interested in.  I decided I would ask you, my lovely followers (although not many right now, I know), these questions:

What are your top 5 interests that you would like to see on social media or on the web? What piques your interest right now? What are you continuously interested in?

I want to know and maybe others would like to know with me.

I have the equipment and I have a voice, so why not start a podcast? I mean, I feel I am here to give positivity and helpful information to those around me and far away. So, I would really like to know what everyone is interested in.  I have asked several folks I trust to give me their input on what they believe my unique abilities are and what I might know about more than others that I can share.  I have had some great feedback!

Thinking about this is why I have come to the point where I would like to know what you are interested in. Could it be music, writing, positive things in life, ways to get through each day, or so many other things?

Please, let me know your top 5 intests! I am really interested to know!! 😉

I am looking forward to your input!

Belle xo




2 thoughts on “What Are Your Top 5 Interests”

  1. I would love it if you started a podcast. Interests that spring to mind right away are: creative writing, choir music, audio books, respect & privilege (if those can be interests, but I have read a lot about it lately). Love this idea of you, and love your positive attitude 🙂

    Rebel xox

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    1. Thank you so much Marie! I am so excited that you gave me some things to think about! I understand regarding the respect and privilege interest. There is a lot of things to learn regarding these particular topics.
      I have tried to always have a positive outlook. It is not always easy when going through things but there is always something positive to find in everything.
      🙂 xx


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