Weird dreams and thoughts

Blood Rain


*Above From Pixabay

You know those intense dreams? The ones that feel so real yet you know it can’t be?

One I had a few nights ago:

Friends are going to a dirt bike race they are participating in.  I am busy so decline going.  It is a night time race.  As I am walking down the street, after talking to a few and seeing more pass by from the track, I hear the fireworks going off.   I look down and I see a place where I must have scratched a small scab off of my hand and made it bleed.  But then there is another.  And then more.  I realize suddenly that it is not from me! The sky is raining blood! I run and seek shelter, but see none.  Suddenly I come upon a bleacher and it is covered for sun shade during the day.  I race under the cover and stand as far away from all sides as I can.  I am breathless and don’t know what to do.  I look around for help and some insight as what to do.

Then I am awake, hot and sweaty.  Well, that was something.  What the hell???

Yep.  Very weird!