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30 Day Song Challenge – Day 30

img_20181115_2145242402900402207572387Well, there are a couple of songs that I have felt were written just for me, at the time of hearing it and what I was going through.  I may have shared these previously, so forgive me for the repeat.



There are others that have made me think of things I am going through, etc, during this time but those two are the ones I found that definitely were me.

Thanks to all who ended up playing along. That was a lot of fun and loving music made it that much more fun!! 🙂

Enjoy ❤

Belle xo

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Something more…


I know I have been doing only the song challenge for the most part over the last month, but I plan on changing that in the new year.  I have been dealing with so much this past year that to have this to escape into has kinda helped a bit.  It’s been disheartening to see the side of me that gets down and depressed, but I know it is me going through things and processing things I have had to deal with and am dealing with in my own way.  It’s hard to leave a relationship you had invested so much time and effort into.  But when you realize that you have done all you can and that if you don’t leave that relationship it will most likely go back to the way it was eventually again, there is no other option.  Not if I want to be happy and be me again.  I lost me.

I have always been one to see the brighter side of things. To see the good and the bad, but lean toward the good.  To put myself in someone else’s shoes so that I can understand what they are going through.  To not judge others because they may be going through something worse than I am.  To be sensitive to others and help if I can.

With all these things, I am learning to do them with self thought and mindfulness to self.   I must have my boundaries so that I can do them without losing myself in the process.  I am still learning.  I do lose myself still at times.  But I am getting better at it (I think).

The writing and sharing here on my blog helps a lot too.  Even if no one reads these things I write and share, it is offering me a way to get the thoughts and feelings out of my head and down on “paper’ (so to speak).  Which gives me release to the anxiety and stress I feel when holding it all in.  And I thank you all that do come by, read my posts and give me comments and feed back!  It really does help too.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that my goal for the new year is to get more into joining prompts and writing more here in my blog.  It’s time to do more.  I hope y’all can handle it! 😉

Belle xo


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30 Day Song Challenge – Day 26 – Song That Makes You Fall In Love


Is there such a thing as  a song that can make you fall in love??? Maybe one that makes you think of falling in love or make you remember when falling in love…




Those are just a few I think of when I think of songs of love and doesn’t make me fall in love but gives me that memory of feeling it again.

Enjoy! ❤

Belle xo