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Self Love and Knowledge


In talking to my ex, I realized something. Not while we were talking but after the fact…

He said he doesn’t know the person I have become.  He thinks I am lost.

But he hasn’t taken the time to know the person I have become.  This more confident in myself, loving myself person I have become, has just added to the loving, big hearted person I always was.  I have just learned to deal with things better and face things I had started backing down from or away from in the last few years.  I am not lost.  I have found the me I am supposed to be. I know me better now than I ever have before.

I have my faults and I have my mistakes I have to deal with, but I am not lost.  The people that know me and love me see the me I am and they still love me, so I must be doing something right.  If not, I would hope they would let me know.

People tell me how strong I have been through everything, but I think I am stronger now than I have ever been (even though at times I don’t feel like it).  All I know is God and the universe have a plan for me and I am hopefully following the path I am supposed to follow to live out that plan.  And I know it will change every now and then when its meant to, but I will hopefully learn from all I go through and will touch people in a positive way on my journey.

For now, I am loving me and those around me I love.  That is getting me through.  And I look forward to each day and what it brings.

Hope you are all having a beautiful day!

Belle xo

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