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On a personal note…



So…I am having to make decisions that are life changing right now.  I know they are right decisions, yet I am always second guessing myself and, again, do the over-thinking.  I always have and always will take others into consideration when I am doing things.  It’s just who and how I am.

Unfortunately it is tearing me up. Even though I know in the long run they are the best decisions I am making.

I have found through my self discovery that I don’t like dealing with conflict and in the past few years have avoided it by all means necessary.  Especially putting myself on the back burner and putting others first just so I don’t have to deal with the conflict or having others upset for any reason, especially if it is me doing the upsetting.  This, however, has put me into a situation where others are used to me doing whatever they want and not what I want.

I never used boundaries with others.  I never realized there was such a thing.  So me now trying to place boundaries with people, well it is making life a bit on edge right now.  Hopefully, not much longer, it will all settle down and be the norm for me.  And I know if my family and friends truly love me, they will understand and change with me.

If you are reading this, bless you!  I had to get this out of my head because as I always do, I was letting it take me where I didn’t need to be.

Enjoy your day! Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.

Belle xo

*Beautiful picture of pensive reflection from Pinterest

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