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I have this great friend. She and I have so much in common its pretty scary! There is like 20 years difference in age (she is younger than me) but we have gone through similar experiences and can share this with each other.

I guess what I’m saying is it’s really nice to have someone that you can share with and they know exactly what you are going through and can sympathize/empathize with you.  It’s also great if you find those not even close to you.  For example, there are so many here in blogs and on line on other social media that are the same and that can share similar life issues and occurances.

A lot of us have started blogs because we felt we had something to share and just wanted a place to write things down and be kind of like a live diary per se.  I started this blog for that reason, as well as share things I experience, like and enjoy sharing with others.  I figure if I like these things enough to share that there are many others out there feeling the same way and might appreciate it and share their side of the same.

Does that make sense?

It’s amazing the avenues we have available to us in this time, day and age that we never had before.  We can reach so many parts of the world now with the technology we have access to that we never could have before, even twenty years ago!

Its mind boggling at times to realize how many you can reach now. So, hopefully if I am reaching you, I am interesting enough and you will come back and visit more and share in your adventures and interests.  I love learning about things and people and talking to others about them.


Belle xo

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