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We Share


I have this great friend. She and I have so much in common its pretty scary! There is like 20 years difference in age (she is younger than me) but we have gone through similar experiences and can share this with each other.

I guess what I’m saying is it’s really nice to have someone that you can share with and they know exactly what you are going through and can sympathize/empathize with you.  It’s also great if you find those not even close to you.  For example, there are so many here in blogs and on line on other social media that are the same and that can share similar life issues and occurances.

A lot of us have started blogs because we felt we had something to share and just wanted a place to write things down and be kind of like a live diary per se.  I started this blog for that reason, as well as share things I experience, like and enjoy sharing with others.  I figure if I like these things enough to share that there are many others out there feeling the same way and might appreciate it and share their side of the same.

Does that make sense?

It’s amazing the avenues we have available to us in this time, day and age that we never had before.  We can reach so many parts of the world now with the technology we have access to that we never could have before, even twenty years ago!

Its mind boggling at times to realize how many you can reach now. So, hopefully if I am reaching you, I am interesting enough and you will come back and visit more and share in your adventures and interests.  I love learning about things and people and talking to others about them.


Belle xo

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One Thing I Would Like To Do


Sitting here at work, reading some blog posts and trying to decide what to write about next and post, I am realizing how numb at times I seem to be.  Like I am just watching the world go by and not even phased by it.  I know this is not true because there are so many times I feel I want and need to make a difference.  It is just finding that thing that would make a difference to somebody or a whole lot of somebodies!

I have things I want to do, places I want to see and people I want to meet.  I want to share these experiences.

I also want to dive into my creative side more. To do paintings, drawings, singing, writing….so many things!

But I also want to understand me some more.  Why I am dealing with the issues I have been dealing with, what makes them worse, how to make things better and be able to share these as well.

I go to counseling and read information and research to help myself.  By doing these things, I realize, if there is definitely one thing I would like to do, it is to let others that may not have to ability to do this, for one reason or another, to see that they are not alone and there are ways to take care of you and make things better.

If I could combine all these things in together to do this thing I want to do, how awesome would that be?!?


Belle xo

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What is the Proper Wine Glass?


If you are like me, you had no idea there are so many different wine glasses and for different wines specifically.  I have found an article on this very subject that is so helpful if you are really wanting to get the best taste out of your wine.


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A New Me Rising


As I come to this new arena in my life

I find I am further away from strife

I see the me I want to be

Working toward all to see

From guilt and shame, anxiety and fear

To understanding, enlightenment and being here

It’s amazing to no longer be self-despising

Because there is a new me rising

Belle xo

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Had to share: All the Ways Wood Affects Your Wine, Explained — VinePair

Oak is winemakers’ salt. Used correctly, it can increase the intensity and complexity of wine, add attractive flavors, and elongate the finish. When it comes to “seasoning” wine with oak, winemakers have several options — and very different intentions. In white wines, oak can impart notes of vanilla, butterscotch, and caramel; in reds, oak adds…

via All the Ways Wood Affects Your Wine, Explained — VinePair

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My trip to London, England


*Updated with corrected info. (knew I would get some wrong…a lot actually)  🙂

I will not ever forget the sights in London.  Just walking around the area I was staying in was amazing.  The old feeling of history surrounds you.

Then you go into the West End of London and feel both the old and the new meshing together and making you feel as if you are in a whole new place.

I had a friend give me a guided personal tour of London.  We walked from one side of the Thames to the other and back again.


As we are driving into London from the west, along the A40, we go over Notting Hill, through Paddington and past Regent’s Park.  We however, started our tour on foot just down from and walking through the West End and Covent Garden.  There we walked past the Royal Opera House and Portland House (original home of the BBC), seeing the shops and entertainers as we go by.  There we also saw the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.


We walked along The Strand past the Royal Courts of Justice which was pretty amazing, and believe it or not, there are still pillars of dragons and historical figures in the middle of the roadways and telephone booths throughout the area (they may not work for calls but they are still there!).  Walking along Fleet Street by the beautiful historical St. Paul’s Cathedral where the monuments, balconies and great dome were definitely something to not miss.


We crossed the river Thames by the Millennium Bridge (where you can see the Tower Bridge and beautiful views up and down the river) to the South side of the river where we saw and heard musicians playing as we walked past Tate Modern, along the river towards Westminster, Big Ben and the Parliament buildings (House of Commons and House of Lords). We also stopped at a quaint little restaurant and enjoyed some muscles marinated in garlic and herbs where we relaxed and rejuvenated before continuing on.


We went on toward the London Eye (an awe-inspiring sight), where the line was so long you couldn’t see where it ended.  Now we were in the midst of tons of tourist and holiday goers to get through so we could then cross the Thames once again, by the Westminster Bridge. We then walked up Whitehall, past Downing Street and Horse Guards Parade, where we saw the guards on horses and the tourist can take pictures with the horses and their riders (just don’t get too close or handle the horses or you will get yelled at by the guard! I saw it myself! Ha!).


We then went on to Trafalgar Square and returned to Covent Garden where we did a bit of shopping, in a chocolate shop and fragrance shop, before the end of the tour.

What fun I had and I was so appreciative of the personal tour, but boy was I tired! I can’t wait to get back and see more!

Belle xo

*Picture up top off Pinterest.  Big Ben was being worked on and covered in scaffolding while I was there.

**Other pictures are my own