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One step at a time


Here is a poem regarding things I have been through recently.  This will not be the norm but wanted to share…


For so many years, not realizing there was a problem

I took on a load of responsibility and caring

This was my family and the way I am for them

To be the one to count on and answer bearing


I did not see it as something wrong

It is how I have always been

To take on where others couldn’t get along 

And put them ahead of me then


It wore me down, so much for being strong

I started to falter and feel alone in my efforts

The days and years felt as being so very long

Not feeling appreciated or seen for my merits


When finally I couldn’t do it anymore

I could do nothing but walk out the door

So I wouldn’t fall into my depression and act on it

I sought out help finally and it took a bit


I am finding my voice and strengths once again

Realizing boundaries and lines that should not be crossed

It’s hard to put into practice this new vein

Of understanding myself to not be lost


In other’s feelings and needs that are not my own

Making them realize they are not alone

Even though I must not take on their problems

I can offer my assistance in supporting against goblins


So as I take one step at a time

I’m hoping and praying to find

That I have love and understanding

I find happiness and give it longstanding


Belle xo

*Picture found on Pinterest


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